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Quotes My daughter & her dad went to the Cards game last night while I stayed home with my son. He was sad he didn't get to go but they came home w your autographed picture & it made his day! It was a different pic than we got from when you came to our friend's bday party so that was AWESOME! That put the BIGGEST smile on his face! Thanks so much for what you do! ;) Quotes
Angie Carlton
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Quotes Thanks for coming out to Scott AFB on Saturday! It certainly made my son's day especially since you were all ready eating your lunch. Hope to see you at the Cards game sometime! Quotes
Colin Welsh
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Quotes We were at the Cards game yesterday and you took a pic with my son and gave him your auto... just wanna let you know you made his day!! thanks so much, you are awesome!! =) Quotes
Kelly Burton
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Quotes St. Louis superman, thank you so much for making an appearance at Justin's birthday party! I can't say enough about how fantastic it was to have you there. I was amazed at how wonderful you were with all the kids, especially Justin, who you made feel so special on his big day! You rock! Quotes
Libby Lutz
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Quotes St Louis Superman, I would like to thank you for flying to my sons school (Maryville Elementary School, Maryville,IL.). The parents, staff & students thank you soooooo much! I/We look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks. Quotes
Robert Wood
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Quotes I'm a fan of Charlee now, I'll be watching you move up the ladder of success. You know what you want and you will make it! Quotes
Lou Chartrand
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Quotes Since Father Time's disappearance from the downtown landscape you've filled a void after ballgames and such. Good luck. Quotes
Shawn B.
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Quotes Hi, Charlee. It's only been very recently that I came across your website. I just have to say how impressed I am. You look absolutely fantastic as Superman. And I love your attitude toward the whole impersonation thing. You came across so well on that TV segment. My compliments, and best wishes for a successful career. Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you. You were outside Busch Stadium when we took our son to his first Cardinals game. He doesn't talk about the game (and why would he we lost), but all he talks about is getting to high-five Super Man. So from a parent of a Super Man fan...Thank You! Quotes
Proud Parent and Fan

Quotes This is the second event that Superhero Housecalls has done for our library and once again, it was a great success. Mr. Chartrand and the other models are prompt, professional, and flexible. I recommend them for any event, large or small. Superheroes always bring a crowd to our library and Charlee and crew do a great job! They are great to work with and we'll be booking them again soon! Quotes
Sarah Messmer
St Louis County Library